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Affordable Quality Chiropractic

Its been over 10 years since Unlimited Chiropractic opened in Hastings MN to provide affordable and quality chiropractic to everyone. Even though our office location has changed a couple time, our Purpose has not.

"Our Purpose is to Provide quality chiropractic care for everyone at an affordable price."

That is all we do and we do it well. When we created Unlimited Chiropractic, the goal was to eliminate as many obstacle as we could so people could just get affordable chiropractic care. That is US today.

No appointments

No long term care contracts

No upselling other products

No hidden fee's

Pricing is simple and straight foward:

First Visit $40

Walk-in Visit $30

Weekly single membership $59

Weekly Dual membership $79

Weekly Family Membership $89

Extra Visits per week are $20 for members if needed.

Monthly Memberships are month to month.

Dr. Pfeiffer has 25+ years experience and offers manual and instrument adjusting to be able to provide care to anyone from birth to 100+ years old.

Thank you Hastings for allowing us to serve you for the past decade and we hope to continue to provide affordable, quality Chiropractic.

Our officd is located at 1304 Vermillion Street, Hastings MN 55033 and office hours are Mon 10am-noon AND 2-6pm, Weds 1pm-6pm.



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