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"It's not about me, it's about you."
Linden Pfeiffer, DC
Founder and Principal

Linden studied philosophy and natural science at the University of North Dakota with the intent of becoming a medical doctor and helping people.  During his studies and searching himself, he chose to attend Chiropractic School instead of Medical School.  Primarily because medical doctors seemed very limited in their treatment of people, they were either putting something into people or taking something out to TRY and make them well.

Linden knew the body had the amazing ability to maintain health if it had everything it needs to do it.  Case in point, you cut your finger, the body gets to work ASAP to clot the blood, bring white blood cells there to kill any bacteria and starts to heal the cut.  The philosophy of Chiropractic (The Body Heals from the Inside Out), resonated with Linden and drew him to Chiropractic.

Since graduating, Dr Pfeiffer has received extensive training in sports injuries (Pro-Sport and Pro-Rodeo treating doctor), pediatrics certification through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association, personal injury training (literally 100's of hours), plus 20 years of helping 1000's of people improve their lives with Chiropractic.

Dr. Pfeiffer was born and raised in ND, he is an avid outdoorsman, played various sports (wrestling, football, Rugby, baseball, BMX), loves motorcyles, snowmobiles and anything on the water.  A father of 3 who has seen Chiropractic help his kids stay healthy and function optimally.

Unlimited Chiropractic was created in 2013 to provide regular Chiropractic care to everyone for an affordable fee. 

Our Practice Members
Backbone of our office

The backbone and reason we can continue to offer our services to the community is our practice members.  These are families, couples and individuals who have helped spread the word of our office, offered their skills, time and resources to help us thrive.  A special thanks goes out to all of you everyday. 

Joining our Club can be life changing for some people, our office provides a place to reduce stress, a place to learn about how our bodies work, a place where smiles are always provided and laughs encouraged.  Our overhead is low, there are not Bells and Whistles to distract us from our purpose and that is to serve our community through Chiropractic.

"A Doctors job is to teach people, my purpose to to help people understand how Chiropractic can help them improve their life, health and future."

Linden Pfeiffer, DC /  Owner

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