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Getting Older..

I like that meme, but as a chiropractor I truly believe it doens't have to be true.

I discovered chiropractic in high school, didn't really know much about it until midway through college. But after researching and learning, I became a firm believer in its core philosophy. Above Down, Inside Out! The power that made the body, can heal the body is another wording that is used.

Our bodies are self healing, self regulating organisms, the brain and nervous system coordinates and controls every aspect of our being alive. If the brain can't send and receive messages from the body, we are "brain dead" and machines would be needed to keep us alive (but at what quality?).

Chiropractic works 100% of the time for what it's intended for, and that is to restore proper function to the bones of the spine so there is no interference to the messages the brain is getting and sending. That's it. Its not about pain reduction, headaches, numbness in the arms or legs, its simply the removal of any subluxations (improperly moving spinal bones). Which allows the body and brain to communicate with each other to heal our body.

Now research keeps discovering the reasons why regular chiropractic seems to help with so many health issues, but keeping it simple, your brain wants to keep your body healthy and functioning properly, thats its main goal. If the brain isn't getting all the information from below, the brain can't make a truly informed decision, and our health suffers. So, making sure the pathway from body to brain is working properly is why regular chiropractic care is important.

Our office was designed to provide quality, affordable regular chiropractic care for everyone with no appointments, no contracts, no hidden fees and virtually no waiting. Check us out and see for yourself why we are becoming the premier choice for chiropractic in the SE metro and beyond.

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