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Affordable doesn't mean cheap.

When I decided to make Chiropractic affordable and available to everyone back in 2012, I had colleagues tell me it would cheapen what I do and it would never work out. Well we are in July of 2023 and I am still providing quality, affordable chiropractic care to everyone that desires it.

What I tried to do was eliminate as many hurdles as possible for people to receive quality, regular chiropractic care at a price that didn't hurt their lifestyle. Enter Unlimited Chiropractic.......

The Vision I have is simply to help as many people with chiropractic as I can in my lifetime. Chiropractic works 100% of the time for what it is meant for, that is simply finding adjusting any subluxations in ones spine. Period!!

People sometimes ask me why it sometimes takes many visits to the office to resolve someones problems and I love to explain it simply, "Say you want to lose weight, can you diet just one day and achieve the desired result? No, your body doesn't change that quickly, but if you dieted (ate healthy) 3-6 days a week, over the course of a month or two, you would see some results. Our bodies don't change quickly.

To make regular chiropractic care available at an affordable price, we keep our overhead low, we eliminated appointments and insurance billing which reduces staff, we just do one thing very well, Chiropractic.

I will even list our affordable pricing because its been the same for 2 years now. First visit is $40. Monthly single membership $59, Dual is $79 and family is $89. No contracts, but we do ask you to auto-debit monthly (which can be cancelled anytime before next billing) after the first month to save time and staff.


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