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Making Time

Look at the picture above, read it, read it again.

This is not really a good life lesson is it? Yes, hopefully you can fix it quickly before you hit the ground, but for this post, lets try and make this a good lesson for healthy living.

The way things seem to develop in many cases, a person is going along in life, pretty ok and then all of a sudden, they get sick, like seriously sick, cancer, heart attack, diabetes, life changing types of health issues. Now, we do know that all those for the most part take time to become serious issues, they don't just happen instantly. These health issues take time to build them selves up until they are powerful enough to create symptoms and serious problems.

I know its hard to constantly prevent things that have not yet happened, but there is really no other way to keep oneself healthy. One needs to take daily steps to either improve or destroy our health and thats not a fun thing to do sometimes.

I mean, it should not take surviving a heart attack to get someone to change their lifestyle with a better diet and exercise should it? It has to be something that is done in advance to prevent the heart issue in the first place.

Unlike the parachute pic above, we do have time to start improving our health, our bodies have the ability to heal and function at higher levels, but that takes time and continuous practice. Our bodies don't change quickly, its not like we can just untie the knot in the parachute and make it work better. But making just one simple improvement daily to our bodies, we will notice positive changes over time.

As a chiropractor, I use chiropractic adjustments to remove stress to our bodies, thus improving the communication from the body to the brain and back, which improves our bodies ability to function. One can also use better nutrition, exercise, mediation, and 100's of other ways to take simple steps to improve our health. It just takes a decision to start. And then continue adding little things that aid in our health to create a better functioning body and mind.

Take a step, start something new and good for you today.

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