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How's it going?

So, we are half way through the month of January already. How are you doing on your resolutions so far?

If you haven't read the previous few posts, they deal with simple ways to help you keep your resolutions and become a better you. If you need too, find them and review, they might help you out.

So, where are you in your quest to change? Remember, its been 15 days since new years, so even if you kept your resolution for 2 days of that, you have won!!! Yes, if you made an attempt and succeeded, you won, even if its only for 2 days. So don't give up on your resolution because 2 days will begin to add up to 10 days, 20 and eventually, a change that lasts.

Change isn't fast or simple for most people. Think about it like this, say you want to lose weight or build muscle. You go to the gym and work out 1 day a week, will you see results right away? Nope!!!! Now what about after a couple weeks, you are feeling better so you add another day. Now you are working out 2 days a week. Again, little to no change in appearance right? But you are getting stronger and exercising is getting easier because you are physically in better shape than you were a month ago. Guess what? Now you add a third day. And the story repeats itself over again. The more you do, the better you feel. This doesn't have to be a sprint, take your time, dedicate yourself to baby steps and pretty soon, bam, you are in full swing.

Change doesn't have to happen immediately, maybe you want to quit smoking? How about the first day, just count how many cigarettes you smoke total. Then the next day, just smoke 1 less. And the next day again 1 less. Now in 15 days you are now smoking a lot less than you did previously. You may need to be creative and add in gum to chew or a toothpick or something to help break bad habits, but again, with 1 less smoke a day, adding just 1 piece of gum to replace that missing smoke isn't hard.

This can be done with anything if you are creative and dedicated to change, baby steps do work and they seem to not stress the body out.

I hope you are winning and if not, maybe something in this posts can trigger and help you get back on track.


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