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10 Days In....

So we are now 10 days into the new year. How have you been doing on you resolutions if you make any this new year?

I bet many people are already at the end of their rope with trying to change something about themselves by now, 10 days is a long time when you are trying to change. But, 10 days is a great accomplishment too right?

Think about this for a moment, say two people join a gym the same day. They both have good intentions to get stronger in the new year. So, they hit the weights, train hard the very first day. Now, the next morning, they are both miserably sore, everywhere. The first guy, can't even force himself to roll out of bed and after he finally gets to the bathroom, he experiences the most unbearable pain just squatting to sit on the toilet. After that he crawls himself back to bed instead of hauling his ass to the gym for more. In his mind, this pain isn't worth it, he doesn't understand how his body can hurt so much from just 1 day of lifting. He is done with the gym. Now the second guy wakes up, realizes how sore his body is as he rolls himself out of bed, feels the same discomfort as he squats to sit on the toilet too. But he is sitting there smiling to himself. In his mind, he knows he did good BECAUSE his muscles are sore, to him, this is a great feeling and lets him know he did something to make himself stronger. He gets ready and heads to the gym for day 2.............

There is always more than one way to see things, one guy say the pain in his muscles as a bad thing, the other sees it as a good thing. Which one are you?

This applies to everything in life BTW, ones reaction to whats happening is always a choice, just what choice you make determines which path you head down at that moment. Until the next reaction must occur and ones course can change again, and again, and again with each new choice made.

So, 10 days into the new year. You can look at it as its too hard to continue or you can look at it as a HUGE win that you made it 10 days already. You can make a choice to react differently to the situation at any moment and change your path completely. For the good or for the bad. But if you made it 10 days with your resolution already, thats a WIN. If you haven't made it all 10 days, but some of those days at least, it can still be a BIG win and you can keep on winning with each successful day. If you lost hope and quit, you can still start back up and try to make a different choice on how you react to things and start winning the game now. New years is just a day, a good day to start something new, but so is MONDAY (its the beginning of a new week 52 times a year). Mondays are my favorite days, a whole new week of choices, challenges, defeats, wins and more. That excites me every monday morning, yeah, maybe I am weirder than most, but its true.

So, congrats on reading this post and congrats if you have made it 10 days, 5 days, hell even 1 day so far. There is never a better time to start then right now (or maybe monday, LOL). Go get it!!!!

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