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How to Change.

Its a week into the new year, 2019. I have decided to spend this month writing about some easy ways to help people keep on track for the resolutions they may have set up for themselves. Now, I am by no means a Tony Robbins, but I have been alive for quite awhile, I have also read, studied and applied many different strategies on change, so why not save you some time reading and just share some things I have learned. Hell, they might help you out and you won't die trying them, so win-win.

I don't know what changes you decided to make in this new year, but last week I talked about simplifying what you can down to its easiest form, to make things simple. Ie, weight loss, break it down to exactly how much a day or week instead of just saying 25lbs in 90 days (1/4 pound a day or 1.5 lbs a week).

So, today I thought we would talk about writing things down. The studies they have done on goal setting are amazing, and well, this is probably one of the easiest things to do. So, write down your resolution. I would recommend writing it down everyday. I write my targets down every morning in a journal, yes I do this every morning, it takes less than 3 minutes and I usually have 4 targets for 90 days out. Maybe you just put some post-its in the bathroom, or on the kitchen table, or buy a $1 notebook and carry it with you. But for the next week, lets try and write down your resolution every day on something, somewhere.

Now, if your resolution is weight loss, this notebook can also double as a food journal, so again, win-win. LOL Next thing that might help you out is breaking your resolution down into "Checkpoints" so you know you are on track. If weight loss, simply set a 30 day and 60 day checkpoint. Maybe 30 day checkpoint is 5lbs lost, walking 5 days a week, eating a little less bad food stuff and more healthy foods, 60 days could be another 8-10lbs lost and more exercise, food tracking, etc. You have to know you are on track or your chances of success are lower.

Lastly, but should maybe be the first thing you consider is your WHY you want this resolution? Your WHY is so important, maybe you want to quit smoking, your WHY could be you don't want to die and leave your family and friends without you, maybe its you just don't want to go outside in the middle of a minnesota winter for a smoke. But your WHY is the reason, the motivation, the drive inside you to make this a success. So, know your WHY!

OK, that wasn't my last thought, sorry. One more thing for today, try and make this a game, and a game you will win. Set up some reward or bonus you can get for hitting your checkpoints en route to your end result. Weight loss - maybe you get a new pair of jeans at 60 days? quitting smoking - maybe you get a new watch at 60 days?

If you play this like a game, a game you are going to win, you can have a blast hitting checkpoints and winning the game. Make it fun, make it about you and your WHY, just make it!!!

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