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Patience is a Virtue.

Ok, again relating to an older rather than younger generation with the picture, but its relative to what I want to say.

Those of us that remember "back in the day" when we used dial up for the internet learned the hard way that patience is needed in life. These days, I hear my children moan loudly if Netflix has to load for literally a second.

With the new year, many people have made resolutions to improve themselves and their lives which is a great thing. I believe we should always be growing (not necessarily growing up) physically and mentally. Now, one major reason people don't keep their resolutions is that change is hard and it takes time. We are not a very patient society anymore. Look at the instant access we have to damn near anything we want. Hell, they cook a pizza in 90 seconds now!!!! Everywhere we look, FAST is what is demanded of the population. And our younger generation, god bless them, they have grown up in this FAST environment pretty much exclusively.

If we want to make personal changes, time and patience are still going to be the key to success. We as human beings don't change easily at all. As a chiropractor, to literally make permanent changes to the spine is hard, takes time, many visits and repetition. Same with our teeth, braces are put on, then "adjusted" over a year or two, then finally our teeth are straight and the braces come off. But our bodies have memories, and if you don't wear your retainer, over time your teeth will remember where they used to be and start to move back there.

Losing weight, building muscle, adding a new habit, stopping a bad habit all take time and patience to make then a success. You can't go to the gym once a week or diet once a week and expect to see results. Or how about you try adding a new habit by doing it just once, it doesn't happen that fast.

So, what is the solution to changing ourselves? Well 20+ years of practice have shown me that taking baby steps retpeatedly over time works really well and is not too hard for most. But time and patience are needed in a time when FAST is the norm, so whatever your resolutions are, make time, have patience and persist in your search for a better you. Even the dreaded dial-up has 5 attempts when it starts, don't be afraid to fall down, just get back up, learn what triggered your fall and try again. It is done everyday by us humans, if someone else has done it, you can too with enough time, patience and practice.

Love you all.

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