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Nails in the Fence

I have written several posts on this story over the years, but its a great story so here we go again.

Seems the world is getting more and more ANGRY so though it was a good time to throw this back up. Christmas is next week already, love, joy and happiness should be abounding everywhere, but looking around I see no smiles, hear no laughter and really want much more of that.

The holidays are the holidays, we have 365 days in the year, if people aren't happy around the holidays, how the hell can they be happy the other 51 weeks a year? I just want people to SEE that there is so much good, everywhere. Maybe just aren't looking for it!!

Take monday for instance, I got an email asking for help for a family in a town not far from ours, tuesday I dropped off some money and posted on facebook for help from others. BAM! Several people stepped up and offered donations. You see, there is good everywhere, always, but sometimes we just have to look for it.

Now, the video is about the damage left over from the affects of anger, in my posts, you always read about the negative effects of stress, well, anger is an emotion that causes negative effects, stress hormone releases and much more. Not to remind you of the "side effects" of anger on the directed target.

So, find a way to lose the anger, start looking for simple things that are positive, hell, you woke up alive this morning thats a plus. There are so many little things to be thankful for, you just have to look and focus on those to change a little bit of yourself and move from negative to a more positive hour, day, year or life.

I wish everyone reading this post a very happy, healthy and safe Holiday Season.

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