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Who is Accountable?

Ok, some may not like this post, but I am getting close to 50 years of age and seeing what is happening to humanity, I need to get this off my chest.

I am a bit different from many people in that I have always question everything. Relentlessly. I dreamed of becoming a doctor most of my life so I could help people, little did I know I would have been a terrible medical doctor. Hence I became a chiropractor.

Follow me here, the medical community is needed, I will never discount the need for medical attention, but for the most part they are limited in their capacity for health. I think the outstanding premise of medical practice is that our body is broken and we need to put something in it or take something out. Period!! I am positive that our bodies have the ability to function, heal and improve, that is seen everytime we cut ourselves, band-aids don't heal a cut, our bodies do.

So, lets look at what is going on in my mind right now. Say a loved one goes to the doctor for a check up, they are told they have high cholesterol, high blood pressure and maybe even some other stuff. The doctor writes a prescription for said drugs to lower those things. My question is.............What the hell caused them to be high? Maybe its diet, maybe lack of exercise, maybe stress, chronic pain, etc. If you don't know the cause of this rise, how the hell can you effectively treat it with a simple drug?

What about looking into the cause first, maybe a simple diet would correct this problem, maybe exercise, meditation, yoga, hell, maybe drinking wine every night is the solution. My problem is, if you give a person a pill and their numbers get better, but they don't change what actually is causing the problem, how can they be any healthier?

This leads to why I am writing this post, who is accountable for YOUR health? The pill you take? The doctor? No, you are the only one responsible and accountable for your own health. Period!! If you don't take any responsibility for your own health, you will never be healthy. I was standing in line for coffee the other day and listened to some ladies talking behind me about how much better they feel since their medications were changed. ?????????????? I don't know what medications or for what symptoms, but WOW, just WOW!

Everything we put in our bodies has some reaction and anything not natural has for the most part a bad reaction, hence side effects. If you ever listen to the TV commercials or actually take time to read the "side effects" of drugs, it blows my mind. Now, remember, I am not against medicine and know some drugs are needed, useful, etc. But I truly believe that they are way over prescribed before healthier alternatives are explored. Its just too easy to "pop a pill" and not bother changing ones diet, exercising or working on decreasing stress.

Year ago I was amused by a commercial for a back pain pill on the TV, it basically showed someone swallowing the pill and it went directly to their back pain and made it better. Do people really think we have smart pills? Most pills for pain, in general work on numbing the brain so your brain doesn't know you are hurt, hence less inflammation, less pain, etc. Now if your brain is the one who sends signals to your body to heal you, and now its numbed up, how can your body effectively heal itself?

What about a fever? A fever is your bodies response to an infection, bacterial or viral. Your body raises its temperature to kill of the infection. But we have products that lower that fever to make us "feel" better, how does that help the body kill off the infection if we artificially lower the bodies temperature?

Now this leads to another issue I have with medicating for the sake of medicating, the drug problem in your youth, maybe one reason kids try drugs so often is from growing up taking pills that made them feel better? But that is a whole different topic for later.

So, my point is, everyone is accountable for their own health, no one else. You own your body, if you don't take accountability for it, it will pay you back with bad health. Find a doctor that will help you learn what needs to be learned to improve your health naturally if possible, work hard to improve your bodies health so you don't need to rely on the above drugs if possible. I know, sometimes its necessary, don't ignore the MD's advise, but hold yourself accountable for doing what you personally can to get and stay healthy.

Done, again, this post contains, facts, my opinions (from 20+ years of practice) and a lot of question marks. LOL

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