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Listen to your Body

This is kind of a fun post for me reminiscing, if you are over 40 years of age you can probably relate, your childhood was spent with much less safety conscious people. We spent our childhoods outside exploring, trying things we imagined in our minds (some of which were really bad ideas), and traversing the terrain in front of us. Not saying the younger generation didn't get to do all that and more, but we had cars with no seat-belts, few if any car-seats and rode quite often in the back of a pickup truck bed.

We had 3 wheelers, dirt bikes, snowmobiles and unlimited ditches to blast through and jump over. Many times we crashed, hit a culvert or when trying something new, we didn't really think about what would happen if we didn't make the jump. LOL We climbed trees, fell off hay bails, jumped off garages (not recommended at all), many fell out of the back of the pickup truck bed too.

The younger generation I am seeing spends more time playing video games, watching videos, internet, etc. Much less outside time comparatively, but dangerous just the same.

You see, what we do with our bodies when we are younger sets up what our bodies will do to us later in life. All the falls, crashes and accidents we sustained while playing outside contribute greatly to how our bodies will function when they age. Now, sitting, and especially sitting in a slouching position (ie. gaming posture, computer surfing posture) are just as bad if not worse than falls, crashes and accidents. Our bodies, you see, are designed to move and move a lot and often. Sitting for a prolonged time is terrible for the long term integrity of our bodies.

Now we can't turn the clock back and undo anything, nor would i truly want too, I loved all my "life experiences", they made me who I am today. But as an adult the wear and tear my body has suffered is now part of my adult life. Yes, I am blessed to be a chiropractor and have had regular chiropractic care for the past 20+ years and that has allowed me to remain very active and for the most part pain-free. But for the majority of people, that wasn't an option available to them at least not an affordable one. You see, regular chiropractic care helps restore and maintain regular joint motion, which in turn, slows down any degeneration to the joints, thus keeping your body functioning better.

This soon to be epidemic of our youth sitting too much while they game, surf or watch videos is going to present a serious problem in the near future. Their bodies need to move, muscles and joints need to move a lot and often to maintain their proper function. Our brains are fueled by movement, signals sent to the brain from movement help keep our brains healthy and strong. Sitting does not provide any of that.

Do I have a solution to that problem? Nope!!! I have 3 teenage range kids who want to spend all their time in front of a screen, we don't let them obviously, but its still a struggle. I always ask my children what they did today to build their brain and body. There needs to be both mental and physical actions each and every day to keep the body healthy. The more they can build both each day, the better for all involved. Oh and regular chiropractic is also a great option too. LOL If you are reading this post, just check out what our office is all about and see if its right for you and your family, since you are on my page.

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