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You and Your Body

I was thinking this morning of dental offices and recall hearing the most profound statement a few years ago from a hygienist working on my teeth, "Dr. XXXXXXX, thinks you should only floss the teeth you want to keep."

Think about that for a minute, what a caring dentist, he actually has his employee's reaffirm regular dental hygiene. Now, that is pretty important in itself, if you don't take regular care of your teeth, they decay, rot, cause pain and fall out over time. We have been taught for a long time that brushing and flossing are good for our teeth's health, (some will remember the red tablets we were given many years ago).

Your teeth are part of your body, they act just like other parts of your body do, without regular maintenance, they decay, rot, become painful or break. So how come we don't regularly maintain the rest of our bodies?

Well that is simple, we were never taught too. Think back, if all the other health care providers would have followed the dental lead and got to us early to teach us how to take care of our bodies, where would be all be right now?

As a chiropractor I obviously am concerned with the spine and nervous system, an orthopedic doctor would be concerned with all your other joints, general practitioners would be concerned with your general well being, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, insulin levels, etc. Think about how different things might be if at an early age, we were repeatedly taught how important eating, exercise and peace of mind are to our overall health. It would be HUGE!!!

Over the past 20 years, science has changed many of the things we know about the human body and how it functions. And we are just scratching the surface of its potential. Take the brain for instance, 20 years ago, the brain was thought to be non-changing, so back then if you damaged a part of your brain, that was it, you lost that function. Today, we know that the brain is plastic, very much changing to meet new demands, needs and actions. Now we have techniques, exercises and treatments that help the brain regain lost function.

I wish I was a chiropractor many years earlier and would have convinced our profession to follow what the dental community did, showing kids/people just how important regular spinal maintenance is to preventing decay (degeneration) of our spinal bones. Our spines house and protect our nervous system, if the bones in our spines aren't moving properly, they begin to decay (degenerate) and that ultimately affects our nervous system which is designed to keep our bodies functioning at a healthy level. There aren't many people alive today that don't know of someone who has had or has back problems and on top of that other health conditions. It is like an epidemic.

My job is to help correct and maintain proper spinal motion so the nervous system can work like its supposed to. That is my part in the health care field and to me, its one of the most important ways to get and keep oneself healthy. If you spine was on your face I bet you would take way better care of it, don't you?

Our office provides regular chiropractic checks and adjustments with no appointments, no contracts and a small monthly fee. This way regular maintenance of the spine can be affordable and quick for everyone.

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