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Removal and Restoration

hastings and red wing chiropractor

How powerful is removal?

Have you ever gone to the dump/landfill to get rid of some large and no longer needed or wanted object that has been taking up space in your home? It is a great feeling and has a great effect. Have you ever pulled a splinter out of your finger? Powerful. Have you ever eliminated a food your body is just not tolerating? When you make this kind of change and remove that food, what happens? The effects are noticeable and welcome. How about a knot in a muscle, or a clot in an artery, or a bad odor, or dirt on your glasses or on your windshield or a negative habit or negative thought? What a huge difference removing any of these makes in our everyday lives.

Removing things that interfere with our lives, that stop us from functioning and performing well, that irritate and aggravate is powerful. It is so powerful because we are restoring the incredible body to normal.

How does restoration and chiropractic fit in?

Your brain and body do not work on a wireless or wifi system, the body is wired with miles and miles of nerves, so the brain can connect to and control the 12 systems (circulatory, digestive, immune, reproductive etc...), 74-80 organs (heart, lungs ,kidneys etc..), 14-15 types of glands (salivary, sweat, thyroid, adrenal etc..) and 40 trillion or so cells of the body. Chiropractic is about removing an interference between the brain and the body. A chiropractor locates, analyzes and corrects vertebral subluxations, these are spinal misalignments that interfere with the nervous system and as a result rob you of a full expression of life and health. By adjusting the misalignment an interference to the body's primary communication network, the nervous system, is removed.

If there is any interference between your brain (control center) and these various parts and systems, your body will not work like it should, express life to its fullest or experience the full health, healing, strength and function you should. The interference needs to be removed and that is the role of the chiropractor and a chiropractic adjustment. Restoration of normal function to the nervous system, so full communication between the brain and all of these various parts and systems becomes 100%, is powerful.

Do you want to remove an impediment to life and health and wellbeing? Do you want to live free of interference with a fuller and restored expression of life? You can do this in an office dedicated to serving people, making care affordable, and being efficient and respectful of your time. As well, you can receive this service without the need for X-rays, insurance and appointments. If you have not recently you may want to tell some friends and stop by soon.

Dr. Jason wrote this for his practice members and gave me permission to repost it. Thanks, Doc

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