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So the picture is a slide from a dinner talk I did this week. The talk revolved around the never ending question of "Why does my bone not stay in place?"

The answer which is simple, does need some explaining to fully understand so I thought it would be good to write it out here.

You see, there are 3 things that can cause bones in our spines to "subluxate" and they are Mental, Chemical and Emotional Stress. Yes, stress........

Typically mental stress produces symptoms in the neck and upper back regions.

Chemical stress can be associated with the middle back and the organs that are associated wtih that area.

Physical stress can relate to many lower back symptoms.

See, simple. LOL

Well those are generalizations to make it simple, but the overall message is the same, STRESS in any form is harmful to our bodies. When our body becomes stressed, the brain kicks on whats called the Stress Response. This is an automatic response our body has to stress. Way back when, this response came in very handy for survival of our species. We have all felt this response in full force sometime in our lives, its sometimes referred to as an adrenaline rush. You see, way back when, we needed this response to survive. Imagine you are a cave man/woman and strolling along a path when all of a sudden a HUGE sabertooth tiger jumps in your path. STRESS!!!! Your body immediately goes into the stress response, your heart pumps harder to get blood to your muscles, your focus changes, breathing increases, cholesterol gets dumped into your blood stream, blood sugar levels increase, etc. This is all needed for us to either run away or stay and fight the tiger, its a response for survival.

There are other things that happen, your immune system decreases its function, digestion slows down, eyes dilate, kidneys slow down, etc.

This response is the only one our body has to stress.

Now, fast forward to today. Look at all the mental chemical and physical stress we have in our lives everyday. Worries, self worth, drugs, processed foods, pollution, hell sitting a desk is an example of a physical stress to the body. We are living in a constant arena of stress. And guess what? Our bodies are living in a constant state of the above stress response. Any wonder why many people are so sick?

Chiropractors find and remove any irritation to the nervous system by the bones of the spine. Adjustments restore motion and send messages to the brain that stress has been reduced. That is why after a chiropractic adjustment studies repeatedly show dropping of blood pressure and boosted immune systems. This area of science is expanding rapidly, but what we know now which we didn't just 2 years ago is that with a chiropractic adjustment signals reach the hypothalamus which is what keeps our bodies in a normal state. This helps explain why a chiropractic adjustment can and does help improve the health of the body being adjusted.

Unlimited Chiropractic of Hastings and Red Wing offers a unique practice model in that we are a membership practice, for a low monthly fee our members enjoy no appointments, weekly spinal checks and adjustments as needed, no contracts and virtually no wait times. You should check us out and see for yourself why we are becoming the premier choice for chiropractic in the SE metro and beyond.

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