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Radio Talk

red wing chiropractic

Many years ago, in my younger years I was on a weekly radio show. This was a local type show where people would call in and ask questions, tell stories, etc.. I am a chiropractor mind you, so I adjust people, to improve the function of their nervous system so they can heal themselves. I was on the show a few times in a month, and it just blew my mind how people think. So, here is a little taste for you all.

So, lets assume this was the 2nd or 3rd time I am on the show. My story never changes, and any listener would know that, but the calls continued on, soooooooo many of them to btw.

"Hi, my name is Dorothy, 54 year old lady and I have this pain that comes on everyday in my lower back. It gets worse when I eat or bend over, the pain goes down my leg and into my foot. This has been going on for a couple years now and it seems to be getting worse. What could you do for me?"

Me: "Dorothy, first of all, why haven't you seen a doctor for this?"

"Well, I really thought it would go away over time. So, can you fix me?"

Me: "Well if you have heard the show, I can adjust you and help your body to function better so it can heal you, Fix you, no..... All I can do is adjust any problems I find in your spine so your brain and body can start to heal whatever is wrong with you."

"Ok, so you can fix me and I will be better, right?"

Me: "Dorothy, you have had this problem for a couple years, what I do is find and adjust any interference I find in your spine, so you brain and body can work to BEGIN to heal you. I don't diagnose or treat any disease, instead I try and improve the function of your body so it can heal itself."

"So will I be better in a couple weeks for my granddaughters baptism? I need to be better by then."

Me: "Dorothy, I can't say if you will BE better, you will definitely function better, but again all I can do is try and improve the FUNCTION of your body so it can fix whats going on. Being you waited so long to even have this looked at, I have no idea how severe your condition might be."

And on and on this goes.........

To simply explain how this show proceeded AND ended, well. I AM A CHIROPRACTOR, I ADJUST SPINAL BONES to improve the communication between the brain and body, so your body and heal itself. Every call I took, my answer was the same, I would check and adjust if interference was found. Over call, every person got the same answer, I WOULD ADJUST YOU.

Now bear in mind, I also recommended they seek medical help, pretty much all of them because they all has medical conditions, but being checked and adjusted was so important to make sure their brain and body could communicate and heal them at their best. I was confused, it seems many chiropractors do all kinds of things, lasers, physical therapy, acupuncture, fat loss, nutritional stuff, even medical diagnosis and treatments. I can't imagine how one can be good at everything (especially since it changes almost daily, ie. nutrition), I studied to be a chiropractor, I have spent 2 decades studying my craft, adjusted athletes, newborns, centurians, familys, friends and even famous people. I don't have a wall of fame (shame), I just do what Chiropractic is, I find and adjust any interference in people so they function better and their brain and body and heal them. Its always the same answer, I would ADJUST!!!

"Maybe I

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