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My local Top 10

chiropractic hastings and red wing mn

Ok, so being I have offices in both Red Wing and Hastings, we will do TOP 5 in each town.


1. Food - Wyatts Twisted Americana has a burger called the FLY TRAP. Not the healthiest, but awesome creation. Check it out here under Twisted Burgers

2. Coffee - I am attached to Caribou coffee, friendly people working and always someone to chat with.

3. Play - When my kids were little, we "Park Hopped", Hastings has so many parks to explore and play at. The YMCA recently added a basketball court for winter activities and we have two really fun sledding hills for winter. Two lakes and a river in town add so much activity for summer months too.

4. Shopping - Downtown is a blast to shop around at, we have a toy store for the kids, several fun knickknack shops and a couple specialty places for fun gifts and stuff.

5. Food again - Can't forget the food options we have here in town, Green Mill Pizza, Fireside Asian Fries, Chipolte Burritos, Dairy Store shakes, Wings at Dugarels and Me & Julio's menu.


1. Food - Bev's Cafe is my favorite little place, even though they don't have Taco Tuesday anymore, their burgers are outstanding.

2 Coffee - Nothing is nicer than the Caribou in Red Wing, WOW!!!

3. Play - Covill Park is awesome for kids fun and affordable. We drive from Hastings to swim and slide. The hiking around Red Wing is so cool too, plus tubing and tons of water play along the river.

4. Shopping - Well Red Wing Shoes is a no brainer, the antique shops at the Pottery Place are fun to browse through histroy, Dunhams Sports has a metal radio flyer disc sled last time I was in there too. So cool.

5. Food Again - So, Johnny Gyro's is new and awesome be sure and check it out, Godfathers Pizza brings back memories of my college days, The Liberty lunch buffet is quite the experience too.

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