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We are All Good at Something.

hastings chiropractor

So I am sitting at the office today, major snow storm happening outside. Not wanting to waste time, I thought I would put fingers to keys and create something for everyone.

So, pondering what to write about didn't take very long. I have always enjoyed exploring new areas of interest, whether auto repair, physics, slime making or the occasional food critic role, learning new things is a highlight of my day. But getting to a level considered expert at something requires 1000's of hours of training and practice. There are experts in every field, they have earned the right due to the knowledge they have acquired over time. You don't go to the dentist for low back pain, you don't take your car to the salon for a brake job, nor do you take your dog to pizza hut for a hair cut. When we run into something new and don't understand it, we seek out Experts with the knowledge to help us fix it or understand it.

Car's are a big one and anyone who worked on cars in the past understands the need for experts. My wifes headlight went out, no biggie, changed probably 100 headlights growing up. Well I didn't need an expert, but WOW, to replace the headlight on her vehicle, you are required to disassemble part of the wheel well. Now I don't know what they would charge to change it at a shop, but its not a 5 minute job anymore. Try buying a house without an expert to help you these days.

So, at our office, we only do one thing, Chiropractic. We only find and remove nerve interference caused by the spine. We have the knowledge and experience doing this and we do it well. Nutrition is important, but we do not have 1000's of hours of training needed to make us experts, we keep our focus on what we know best. Regular chiropractic care at an affordable price was the goal for opening both the Hastings and Red Wing offices. So if you are looking for Chiropractic for you and your family/friends, please stop in and see for yourself.

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