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The Holiday Spirit

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Alright, its 7 Days till Christmas.... I have spent the past week wishing everyone a happy holiday season and a healthy new year. So, is this the Holiday Spirit in action?

If so, I am not a fan. 365 days a year I wish people to be happy and healthy. I try to help those I can, whenever I can also 365 days a year. People, the Holiday Spirit should not only exist a few weeks a year, we should always wish people the best, every chance we get.

Maybe that is 1 major problem we are seeing with humanity today, not enough holiday spirit outside of the holidays. Imagine if everyone lived each day with the happiness they are showing these past couple of weeks. How great would it be to live in a society like that? AWESOME comes to mind.

Another issue I see is that those who are living the holiday spirit all the time is they are shunned and made fun of. Think about this, everyone knows that person who is continuously happy all the time. And at some point many of us have made a joke about them being too happy all the time. Think about that, we aren't happy someone else is perpetually always happy!!! Kind of backwards thinking in my mind. Maybe the happy people aren't the problem, maybe the problem is that we aren't filled with the holiday spirit and that pisses us off.

I can't tell you how to be happy with yourself and your life, I can however tell you to find something you love and to make that part of your life. To not worry about things we can't control, and to grow enough to make decisions and not ponder the "What could have been's". Living in the past doesn't bring joy and happiness to us most of the time, most of the time its past decisions and the consequences that cause us stress.

Just my observations over the past couple weeks, but the Holiday Spirit doesn't just live with us for a few weeks over the holidays, it is inside us 365 days a year, we are just choosing to bury it.

I truly do wish everyone a happy holidays and a healthy new year, 2018 will be an awesome adventure for all of us.

Love you all.

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