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Busy Signal.

hastings, red wing chiropractic

If you are 30 years old or older, you will remember an archaic device called a land line. This device was mounted to the wall in most homes throughout the world. It was a telephone, and when someone called you, it would ring. It would not tell you who was calling or why, hell, it didn't even tell you the number of the caller. Yet, we eagerly raced to answer it and see who was calling and why.

Now, remember way back when, things were simple and if you were on the phone when someone else tried to call you, you, the caller got a "BUSY SIGNAL". This was an annoying repeating sound that let the caller know your phone was busy. It didn't however let the person you were trying to contact know that you were calling them.

Now, follow me here, the above example describes exactly why we created our office. First you have to understand that our nervous system controls every aspect of every cell, tissue and organ of our bodies. Signals are constantly being sent to the brain about temperature, blood pressures, cell counts, oxygen levels, sugar levels, pressure, location in space, nutritional availability and needs, cell repair, hair growth, digestion, and on and on. Try and understand that every process in our bodies is constantly monitored by the nervous system.

Now, lets just simplify this down to one organ so one can understand how important chiropractic really is to healthy life. Ok, normal function goes something like this, we eat food, it lands in the stomach, the stomach "calls" the brain and tells it there is food here now, what kind of food, how much, etc. The brain gathers all the information and sends the correct signals down to digest the food and begin absorbing the needed nutrients. Now, what do you think would happen if when the stomach called the brain, it got a busy signal? Well the brain wouldn't know anything about the food in the stomach and would not be sending the proper instructions down to it.

This is a simple explanation, but provides a great example of how important it is to have a clear pathway to the brain and back to the body. This is a core principle of chiropractic in our office. Someone would not "feel" the busy signal, it would just exist. If the stomach continues to get the "busy signal", over time your stomach/digestion system starts to break down, and this produces a "SYMPTOM". This symptom is what brings you to a doctor and they are now treating you for whatever symptom you have, not the REAL problem, which is bad communication from stomach to brain and back.

Regular chiropractic is about making sure there is a clear connection from the body to the brain and back, so your body can do what is necessary for health. Sometimes you can feel this "Busy Signal", but more times than not, you have no idea there is a problem until a symptom creeps up.

Our office provides regular chiropractic care, that is how we designed it, monthly membership allows members to get checked and corrected if necessary weekly to ensure there is a clear pathway to the brain and body.

Please share this with those that need to know this, your friends and loved ones who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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