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Dating a Toaster.

hastings chiropractic

Ok, got your attention I imagine. LOL Lets look at the Adventures of Dating a Toaster for a second, yes, I am talking about a toaster that makes toast.

How fun it would be to date a toaster, you could.............well make toast.

A toaster doesn't really have another purpose, it pretty much exists to just make toast. That's it. So, dating a toaster might not be all that exciting or interesting and would probably be over in a few dates (one can only have toast so many times).

Why am I talking about a Toaster anyway? Good Question!!!

We as human beings all have a purpose I believe and its to create. But unlike the toaster, we can use our purpose in an unlimited number of ways. First off, follow me here for a bit, I believe we are all here to create. That is our purpose. So, create what?? Well that is the fun part, some will create art, books, movies, entertainment, while others will create objects, electronics, toasters and tangible things. Then there are others who will create love, happiness, joy, fear and other emotions, still others will create knowledge, passions, health and countless other things.

You see, we all have a purpose, to create, but there are many that don't know this. I learned years ago from a very wise man that one should find is passion and then find a way to make a living at it. Powerful words, read that again with BOTH eyes so you get it.

Too many people are content stuck in a job that they hate but need to pay for living the life they have. I urge everyone in this situation to find that passion, then to work towards making that your life. Artist's create art, musicians create music, writers write, teachers teach, etc.

With technology today, there are ways to make money with your passion, you just need to look with BOTH eyes to find a way to start working towards your passion. Lets say you like woodworking, you can create and sell on ebay, amazon and many more online shopping sites Etsy, etc. Maybe you like games, create a new game and use Facebook, the internet to spread the word of it and BAM, you are in business.

Yes, there can be some new things to learn about marketing, internet sales, computer stuff, but if we build our brains and bodies everyday, we will become stronger and wiser, WIN-WIN. My passion is to help others live a better life, whether thats with chiropractic, humor or all my years of learning, that is what I try to create.

So, maybe someone reading this will create a self cleaning TOASTER for me along with 1000's of other helpful things. Just don't ever give up on your passion, please, work harder to make it more of your life.

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