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Why Choose Us?

So its Nov 1st, everyone is still working on their candy stash from last night and I thought, "What a great time to explain why I have designed my practice the way I did."

Besides the obvious answers (Which is obviously my sparkling personality), online reviews, two locations (Hastings and Red Wing, MN) there are several things I put in place to make sure our office was perfect for those that needed regular chiropractic care.

So, Number 1.

We only do Chiropractic! And on that note, we are a principled office. That means we do principled chiropractic and nothing else. We find and remove subluxations in the spine to help your body function better.


We don't have appointments. When I was designing the office, appointments just didn't fit into the vision. We offer a walk in only office with no appointment times. Yes, that means on rare occasions you may have to wait 5 minutes to get checked, but thats it.


We offer an affordable monthly membership, just $59/mo for weekly visits. No contracts to make things even simpler. We do have a per visit fee of $30 for those that don't want membership option also.


Our first visit is to try us out and see if our office is right for you. And that charge is $20. Which we donate to local non-profits around the area.


We don't sell vitamins, potions or supplies, we just do chiropractic. We will gladly share our knowledge and 20+ years experience with you on these options, but our focus is and always will be on the benefits of regular chiropractic care.


Dr. Pfeiffer has extensive experience caring for athletes (both amateur and professional), pregnancy and new-borns, and families. 20+ years of practice, countless hours of extra study in pediatric chiropractic, family wellness, technique and more.

The list goes on and on, but the best way to find out if we fit your chiropractic needs is to stop in and try us out for yourself. Again, $20 to try us out and the laughs and candy are free.

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