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Playing Make Believe

chiropractor make believe

Morning, tomorrow is Halloween and it is always one of my favorite holidays. When I was young, Spiderman was my costume of choice. I truly wanted to be spiderman growing up, he has the best powers of all the super heros.

As an adult, I still love Spiderman and eagerly await the new movies he is in, but I no longer want to BE Spiderman. Spiderman has "Great Responsibility".. He can't afford to have too many relationships due to the danger he places on them as Spiderman. I am older now, have a wife and kids, friends and family that I would never want to be in danger because of anything I would do.

And having the power to climb walls and shoot webbing really doesn't help me in the town I call home. We have no tall buildings to swing from. LOL

Halloween is still fun, we can dress up and pretend to be anyone/anything we desire for a night. And nobody can judge us for it. Here is my point, we should be comfortable enough with ourselves and our bodies to be whoever we want to be all the time, for our entire life. I see way too many people who are hiding their potential, hiding their passions because they think others will judge them for it. TAKE NOTE HERE -- People will always judge you!!!

Fact is, people will always judge you, so why worry about that, I would love to see everyone working towards their passions not hiding them. I still to this day wear what makes me comfortable, yes, I have tried to wear dress up clothes, even ties, but truth be told, I don't feel "myself" when wearing them because I had too. Now, weddings, funerals and the like, sure, I will wear dress up clothes out of respect, not because I have to. There is a difference.

Those that knew me in my youth will remember, I wore sweat pants a lot, hell my senior pics had me wearing them too. That is what I wanted to wear, felt good in and so, thats what I wore most of the time. I studied to become a doctor through high school and in college finally figured out I would suck at being a medical doctor, so I became a Chiropractor. I love my life, I go to bed every night soundly because I don't regret any choices I made that day too.

I learned years ago to make a decision (whether its a good one or not) and be done with it. As a kid, I remember being bullied once and not standing up for myself, I spent probably 3-4 nights going through what I could have done to defend myself and didn't, it was a turning point for me. Now I am not saying shoot first and sort it out after, but I vowed not to regret my decision to act. From then on, I stood my ground well, sometimes with humor, many times with my fists, but I did sleep much better at night. Ask my wife how fast I fall asleep!!!!

So, people, please, we all have 1000's of choices each day, we have to make decisions constantly and yes, sometimes we make the wrong ones, but own them and learn from them and then move on. Do not spend hours or days pondering what might have happened if we acted differently, that is not what living life is about. Learn and move on quickly. Sleep is important to our health, so lets not spend that time thinking, worrying or pondering things that have already happened, WE CANNOT CHANGE THAT!. But we can remember to act accordingly the next time a situation presents itself.

I am pretty sure I rambled off topic, but ending with a life lesson was the goal, so have a great Halloween and enjoy this fun holiday.

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