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A Back Problem or a Brain Problem?

chiropractic brain

If I asked anyone this question, Would you rather have a back problem or a brain problem? The answer would be a back problem 100% of the time don't you think?

People have this stigma about brain stuff, and their minds go to the worst case scenario a lot of the time. But yes, if people had to choose between the two, a back problem would be their answer.

So, given that back surgery has no guarantee of success, high costs and long recovery, (look at Tiger Woods or coach Steve Kerr's history), you would still choose that over a brain problem?

Well let me burst your bubble a bit here, if you have a back problem, chances are you have a brain problem too. You see, your brain controls cell, tissue and organ in your body via the nervous system. If your nervous system is working properly, your body has the ability to heal (fix) itself. Now, surgery is still needed for some people, don't forget that, but the statistics say only about 5% of the surgeries performed are needed.

So, lets break this down a bit, if your brain isn't getting the right messages to it, it can't possibly send the right messages back down to the body to "fix"/heal itself. Think of it as a computer if you like, if one line of code gets jumbled or deleted, your computer can't do what it is supposed to do. Missing information!!

Have you ever wondered why some people get sick all the time and you don't? Or why that one cut you had healed with a big scar and no other ones did? What about why someone got food poisoning and the other didn't when they both ate the same thing?

I used to ask this question to new practice members "If you and your friend ate bad shrimp and shortly after you threw up and your friend didn't, who is the healthiest person?"

Answer is the person who threw up is healthier. Here is why, your body and brain are constantly talking to each other, oxygen levels, water levels, blood pressure, etc are all constantly communicated from body to brain. So, when you ate the bad shrimp, your stomach recognized bad stuff and sent a message up to the brain, the brain assessed the information and responded with "Throw Up Now!". Getting rid of the threat, helping your body stay healthier. Your friend had a brain problem and the message didn't make it to the brain completely, they didn't eliminate the threat.

This is why we offer regular chiropractic care at our office, to make sure your brain and body are talking to each other properly, we aren't here to treat your pain, rather to help your body heal itself with the right information.

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