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Questions I hear all the time.

hastings and red wing chiropractic

I was going to just make a quick video about this, but wanted to put it to print, so here we go.

I have been in practice since 1996. In the past 20+ years I have treated pro-athletes, actors, military, politicians and everyone from birth to 98yrs old. I have charged cash, billed insurance, filed court claims, done depositions, sent people to collections and much more as a chiropractor. I saw people struggled with co-pays, money and time, I truly wanted people to get the care they needed, but for many cost stopped them.. There had to be a better way.

In 2010, life handed me a lemon, so I decided to add some whiskey and make some great lemonade. That is where this idea of a membership practice came from. I found a medical doctor in Indiana who was doing something similar and contacted him. After a few phone conversations and lots of emails, I had my idea figured out.

So, first question I get all the time, is "Whats the catch?"

Well I didn't put one in, when I was drawing this practice model up, I wanted to eliminate as many obstacles to chiropractic that I could. Therefore, I tried to not have a "CATCH". Our office doesn't have any long-term contracts, they are month to month. We do encourage everyone to go on autodebit for their monthly fees but that is simple to avoid having to track 100's of payments a month.

Next question I hear daily is "Why only $59 a month?"

This one is easy, when I was drawing up this model, I wanted to keep costs as low as possible so I could make it affordable for everyone. So, on paper, 10 memberships had to cover my overhead of rent, internet and insurance. I definitely struggled with this price in the beginning, but 10 memberships covers most of my overhead now. So, that is why the price is $59/month for a single membership.

"Why is family price only $89/month?"

My children have been checked and adjusted their whole lives, I see daily the benefits of regular chiropractic care in them. When you understand what chiropractic truly is about, you would want everyone you know to be under regular care. So, to encourage families to sign up, I kept the price affordable. Plus, kids are the best to have around (and I have candy if they are good too).

"Why can't I make an appointment?"

First off, appointments require time to make, and many people show up late or early. I eliminated them years ago and have never regretted it. Your visits don't take long, I only do chiropractic, so checking your spine and adjusting you takes literally no time. As our office grows, your wait time might be 5 minutes, but barring something out of the ordinary, never longer.

"Doc, I hurt right here!"

Ok, this isn't a question, but it does need to be addressed. A Chiropractors job is to find and remove nerve interference in the spine, so your body can begin to heal you. Sometimes that pain is caused by a nerve being irritated, but many more times a nerve is irritated and you feel nothing, until its damage is already done. Chiropractic doesn't treat pain, we work to improve the bodies function so it can find and fix your body. That is why we check your entire spine for interference each and every visit and adjust where needed. Yes sometimes it is at or in your area of pain, but many times its not.

I hope that gives you a little insight as to why our office exists and why it was designed this way.

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