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Wow, just WOW!

mental health

So, since I first moved from ND to MN way back in 1992 I have not been a fan of local or national news broadcasts. Thinking back on it, it was a learning point in my life to stop watching it. You see, the news was totally different from the middle of ND to the center of Minneapolis. In ND, news contained lots of positive and informative stuff, survival, wins, outlooks, pheasand and deer populations, weddings, etc. When I moved to MN and tried to watch the local news, for the most part it was negative and depressing. Local shootings, robberies, abuse, etc.

I chose way back then to not fill my mind with those negative things the best I could and for the most part have succeeded. But lately, well, even on Facebook, negative media has taken over it seems. I woke up this morning to what sounds like one of the largest mass shooting in US history. It took place in Las Vegas during an outdoor country festival.

I won't go into details of it, you all have seen, heard or read about it by now. It is a true tragedy, many lost their lives, 100's of others are injured to one degree or another.

Already this morning on Facebook at least, Trump gets part of the blame (shooters supposedly Trump supporter), Obama will get some blame too, hell the cops will probably be blamed for not stopping it sooner, and the guns, well they will get blamed for it to.

This is not a gun issue, from what I have heard, the guns he used are already illegal. I have said it many times over the past few years, but GUNS don't KILL people, PEOPLE kill people. Please don't start making this the issue, yes, accidental gun death is real and a tragedy, mostly preventable with proper gun safety, I already know that.

The bigger issue is and has always been a MENTAL HEALTH issue. Normal, sane people don't go around shooting other people! He could have used a bow and arrow, a bomb, car or anything else to kill and mame people, he chose illegal automatic weapons. Again, already illegal. But someone with no mental health issues would not decide to go and kill a bunch of people, so we need to first look at the mental health aspect and work the solution from there forward.

I don't know why the mental health asylums of the past are gone, but where are those people who need help supposed to go now? What if they forget to take their meds that keep them more sane? Who is accountable for the ones who are mentally unstable without their meds?

I don't know the answers, I just see the problem right now. But should every community step up and help? Should the government be responsible? Hospitals, doctors, therapists? I don't yet know a solution, but in my eyes it does seem that the place to start finding a solution is to start here. Maybe tighter gun laws will help, but if we don't address the PROBLEM (of mental health) these tragedies will continue.

Sorry for the long rant, but hopefully some people get where I am coming from with it.

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