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Wow, heated debates abound.

stand or kneel

OK, so I wake up this morning to facebook and media blowing up over this kneel or stand thing. I love football, I am a Vikings fan for life and live for my 3 hours of gametime each week.

This morning was a bunch of mixed media messages, memes and comments. The Steelers were a big one, so was Brady and many other prolific athletes and teams.

But, in the midst of this now HUGE issue, I think it still remains unclear to the general population what in the hell is going on! What exactly are THEY protesting (not what the media is telling us they are protesting).

I don't even know for sure, are these people unAmerican? Are they terrorists? Saints? Do they not love being in the USA?

No, they are Americans, they aren't terrorists, saints or traitors either. They are football players and they are protesting, for what exactly is the confusing part for many of the general population. I just wish they would put together a commercial to explain why they are kneeling and what they are protesting so the rest of the world can understand their cause. Maybe they have and I have not seen it yet.

I am not writing this to spark comments or discussion, I (and probably millions of others) just really would love to hear the story of their cause and solution that they are seeking. Not media's version of what they think is happening.

If you know me, I don't like change, but I live in the USA where we have the power to create change. I think all people should be treated equally, we all should enjoy the same rights as every other american citizen too.

I am 47yo now and wonder why in the past decade everything seems to be wrong and needing to be changed. I spent my first 30+ years without any massive protests and change like we seem to have everywhere now.

I discovered racial profiling was a real thing when I was in my 20's. I have to say I truly believed it didn't even exist, but I grew up in ND and apparently was sheltered. I can't pretend to understand how racial profiling alone affects minorities, much less other racially charged issues. It's wrong and shouldn't exist. So i this NFL kneel or stand is a racial issue, my question is why now? Why didn't this massive protest begin decades ago? But first off, is the kneel and stand issue a racial issue? I still really don't know. Colin K strated this, but has the message stayed the same or is this a new message?

Looking forward to finding my answer and hopefully the protestors achieve what they are seeking to achieve. I myself will still watch my football (Skol Vikes) and I will stand for our Flag

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