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Body Image

hastings and red wing chiropractor

So this morning at the gym a discussion was started talking about body shaming. I don't watch much TV, but apparently its a huge topic on many shows. I think everyone should love themselves and their bodies, if you don't, then you may need to work on your mind and body until you are happy with them both.

Now my concern with the whole discussion was that nobody brought up the point of a persons health at all. The body shaming they were talking about were obese people. I was a fat kid, I remember being teased and made fun of, but I didn't care, I was happy back then the way I was. Then I changed.

My point is simple, you need to be comfortable in yourself and your body, but also concerned about your health. Sure, you may have normal lab numbers now, but if you are 200lbs overweight and carry that with you over time, your body will definitely begin to breakdown. Your bones, joints and even your organs were not designed for that stress. Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, degenerative arthritis and many more health problems WILL occur given enough time due to the added stress of weight.

Don't get me wrong, even those naturally skinny people have similar risks due to diet too. In college, my roommate had 8 pack abs, ate pretty much taco bell everyday and never seemed to gain a pound. He "looked" health as can be, but given time and the stress of his diet, his body will begin to fail him too.

Now, this body shaming is bad, being comfortable with what you look like is important whether you are big or not, but the point that should be addressed is health. Being big and having a good balanced diet, exercise and clear mental health would be a pretty good deal. Being big and not caring about what you eat, not exercising is obviously bad.

So, follow me here, changing the body takes time, losing weight, building muscle, hell, even straightening teeth takes time. The body changes slowly so it can monitor and control things, if you are not as healthy as you could be, not as skinny, or not as muscular, start taking small steps to lead you and your body in the direction you want to go. Maybe its eating just a little better nutritionally, or maybe its a little walk after dinner, many its doing a few pushups to start. The point is to take control of your own health, no pill, person or thing will help you more than you can help yourself. People have to be accountable for their health, take action to improve or keep the health they have, it can't be a 1 time thing.

And anyone who is at the gym, whether you are big, small, muscular or skinny, you can't be shamed because you are there doing it. Everyone starts somewhere, nobody is "done" or they wouldn't be there.

Shaming people is wrong, its bullying and I remember that feeling very well from my youth, I hope others can take at least that small snippet away from this and help change the world, one person at a time.

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