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hastings and red wing mn chiropractic

All things that move need maintenance. Its a fact, look at anything that moves, wheels, motors, machines, fans, everything. Your body is included in that, it moves all the time.

So what maintenance does our body need? Cars need oil changes, new belts, tires, bearing, plugs, etc, but what maintenance does our body need? Well a chiropractor is writing this post, so to a hammer everything looks like a nail right?

Yes, regular chiropractic care can help tremendously with maintenance of our body. The major goal of chiropractic is making sure your spine moves properly so that your nervous system (which controls EVERYTHING about your body) is free of interference. This allows all the messages sent and received by the brain to reach their intended goal.

So, get regular chiropractic care!!

Ok, so what else can we do to maintain our bodies?

Well her are a few things you can start now to help maintain your body.

1. Healthy diet. You have all heard the saying, "We are what we eat" and its pretty much true. Eating healthier can and will help maintain your body. A good vitamin supplement is also recommended, because our soils don't have as many minerals in them due to continued farming.

2. Exercise. Yes, exercise is important to maintain ones body. I don't mean spending countless hours in the gym, but rather simply walking more can help maintain your body. Movement of any kind in moderation helps with the maintenance of your body.

3. Stress Reduction. If you follow this blog at all, you know there are 3 stressors, chemical, physical and mental. All 3 contribute to decrease in health of our bodies. All 3 exist in EVERYONE without question. So, being everyone is different, there is no ONE right way to reduce these stressors. Each person needs to figure out which one of the above is their biggest stress and find a way to reduce it. Maybe you are a worrier, mental stress appears to be your biggest stressor, you could try and reduce it by focusing on only things you can control, and try letting go of the things you can't. Again, no right or wrong way, just find the way to reduce it. And no, you should not use alcohol or drugs to reduce mental stress, because you are increasing chemical stress to do it, unless that is the best option.

4. Find a Hobby. Everyone has downtime that should be filled with something they love to do. Finding a hobby that drives your passion will provide many benefits to your body and health. Some people read, some do puzzles, some build stuff, again, this is different for everyone, but finding something you love to do is important to health also.

Thanks, and be sure to like, follow and share with those you love.

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