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With Great Power Comes....

Saw the new Spider-man movie with my kids today. BTW I am a HUGE Spider-man fan. And being a fan, the old lesson is still being told, "with great power, comes great responsibility ", even though it wasn't said in the newest movie.

So, why is a chiropractor writing a blog about Spider-man? Well, with great power comes great responsibility.

Health isn't something that is bought and paid for, it is a personal responsibility that each individual must strive to attain. Now, we are human, and as young people, we tend to think we are immune to everything, but I want to tell you straight up that when you are young is when you NEED to step up this responsibility. I have been in practice now for over 20 years, I have had 1000's of people in my office and everything I do is a result of something THEY did years ago.

Now, bear with me for a second, I was young, I was active and sometimes stupid, I suffered several broken bones, crashes, concussions and other trauma's and survived. But what I want you to understand is that every single force that enters your body has to have an affect. The fall you took as a toddler, the wrestling, football, lacrosse and rugby all added force into your body. Those forces have an affect on your body, all of them. Some can be for the good, but most from my side of things are for the bad.

So, research says that when a joint is not moving properly for 13 days, a permanent layer of degeneration is laid down. So, fast forward like 5 years and now on an x-ray, we can see white layers of degeneration to that joint. This creates what is now a problem. Imagine all the little traumas that we suffered growing up, each one added a force to the body, some good, some bad and we never realize that these are cumulative. Now, enter today, 2017, there are so many folks with chronic pain from things that happened many years prior, and thats what this blog is about.

You see, your body has all the power, it can heal wounds, stop infections, monitor our bodies blood pressure, heart-rate, immune response and every other function our bodies do. With that great of power, we have to step up and be responsible for our health. Our population needs to be accountable for their own health, they need to find the facts, learn how the body actually does work and STEP up and help create health.

Your body has the ability to create and maintain health, but you need to know how it actually works. The brain contains, processes and creates health by messages transmitted by the nerves that run throughout our body. The brain is what creates and maintains health, so ONE very IMPORTANT aspect of this is making sure the brain gets all the necessary information to determine what is healthy to us. And a big point here is that a Chiropractor is the ONLY PROFESSION that deals with making sure the pathway to and from the brain is clear for the nerves to send information. YES, I AM A CHIROPRACTOR and I want everyone to know that if you have a spine (which everyone does), then you need regular chiropractic to help maintain a normal function between the brain and body to aid in optimal health.

We created Unlimited Chiropractic of Hastings and Red Wing to make regular chiropractic care affordable for everyone. With no appointments, no contracts and membership starting at $59/mo for up to 8 visits, its the reason we are becoming the Premier Choice for Chiropractic in the SE metro and beyond.

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