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Locked my Keys in the Car

chiropractor hastings and red wing

So, started the morning with locking my keys in the car while grabbing my morning coffee........

It's a simple act of forgetting, but it really creates a complicated series of events for many. Now this morning, I was not crunched for time, so this incident was not really a big deal, but still a HUGE inconvenience.

Why am I talking about locking my keys in my car? Well the fix to the above problem is a simple and easy, its just most people don't do it. For just a couple bucks one can buy a magnetic key holder and a key, then place it somewhere on your car JUST IN CASE you lock your keys in the car. This would solve the problem every single time.

Our office is rather unique in that we created it to eliminate as many obstacles as possible for people to receive quality and affordable care. We don't have contracts, no appointments, no waiting, just one simple monthly fee gives members access to our office up to 8 visits a month. The mission we have is for everyone to receive regular chiropractic care (1 time a week for most), so they can experience what chiropractic can do for them.

You see, chiropractic is best utilized on a regular basis to make sure there is proper motion in the spine so the nervous system can transmit messages to and from the brain to keep us healthy. As a chiropractor, I have been checked weekly for the most part for the last 20 years because I know the importance of a "clear" nervous system. Why wouldn't I want that same level of care for my practice members? So, we created the Unlimited Chiropractic Club of Hastings and later Red Wing.

Being a member allows you access to chiropractic when you have time, most people make it a regular part of their routine to stop in on a certain day/time to get "tuned up" and get back on with their lives. Many people comment on how they are sleeping better, are sick less, feel great, can move easier, breath better, the list goes on and on. You see, chiropractic isn't about how you feel, its about how you function. If the nervous system is not compromised, your body and and will handle most things its exposed to much better than if it was compromised.

Our first visit is only $20 to try us out and see for yourself why we are becoming the premier choice for chiropractic in the SE region and beyond. You don't wait until your car breaks down before you decide to change the oil, you brush your teeth to prevent tooth decay, you should be thinking the same way about your spine and nervous system, taking care of it BEFORE is becomes a problem is always a better choice.

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