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Are you Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

chirorpactor hastings and red wing

Literally you can't sit anywhere and listen to conversations without hearing someone complaining about some health issue they have. Try it, you just can't do it.

There are 1000's of people just here in Hastings and Red Wing that have chronic health problems that they live with everyday. 1000's more are in miserable shape inside and out, live each day without any hope.

That terrifies me, as a community member AND as a Chiropractor. So many people here in Hastings and Red Wing could be helped with regular chiropractic care if they just knew exactly what and why chiropractic can help them. Is here is my question to all


100% of you will answer this right, if you had to choose, you would rather have a back problem. Brain problems are known as scary, dangerous and not something anyone wants. Your brain controls everything about you, your cells, tissues, muscles, organs, skin, hair, everything. You don't want a brain problem.

The thing not many people understand is that the brain wouldn't work at all (permanent state of coma), without all the afferent signals that come through the spine into the brain. Study after study show how important this afferent input is to our health, those same studies show how important proper motion of the upper neck bones are to that same afferent input pathway.

You see, there are about 40 times more afferent signals going into the brain and if any of those are not sending good input, the brains efferent signals (the signals your brain sends to your body) will respond in not good ways.

This equals less health potential. Which over time can lead to a whole list of health issues (chronic fatigue, stomach issues, decreased immunity, etc).

So, to keep this short, if you have a bone out of place in your spine, (doesn't mean you have any pain, symptoms) the afferent signals that are going to the brain from there are bad signals, and you have a BRAIN PROBLEM.

Unlimited Chiropractic of Red Wing and Hastings was started to provide affordable REGULAR chiropractic care to everyone, so we as a community can live life to its fullest. We offer no appointments, no waiting, no long-term contracts, just simple affordable chiropractic care. Your first visit is only $20 to try us out and see for yourself.

Linden Pfeiffer, DC

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