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Never Fart In A Wetsuit

Hastings chiropractor

Ok, here is one of the best life lessons I can give you. Never Fart In A Wetsuit!

So, lets explain why I love this pic and the lesson it can give us. Obviously this isn't real, but there are some things in life that we just must learn on our own. We can be told countless times to not do something by our parents, teachers, friends and family, but inevitably we LEARN the why we shouldn't do it, by, you guessed it, doing it.

Now I have not scuba dived, I have worn wetsuits/drysuits while water-skiing the Missouri river in ND in February, but not like the one above so this wasn't an issue for me. But growing up, I was repeatedly told not to do stuff that ultimately I had to do to learn my lesson.

This is how we grow, learn and overcome many obstacles in our life as we age. If you are reading this, I know you have followed the above example and done something you were told not to and learned a valuable lesson. Yes, sometimes the lessons are tough, and for some of us, we have to learn them over and over again until we figure it out. But in the end, we learn our lesson.

Think back to your youth, remember learning that the stove will burn you? That you will be cold if you don't wear your jacket? That if you don't save your money you won't be able to go to the carnival with your friends? Or maybe as an adult, what lessons have you learned the hard way? Who told you not to do it?

Maybe we should take a second and with the power of technology, send a thanks out to those that tried to teach you the lessons by telling you NOT to do something.

So please just remember that some lessons DON'T have to be learned the hard way, sometimes those people telling you NO, are just trying their best to keep you safe. And before you do go ahead and LEARN that lesson the hard way, maybe just rethink the whole idea.

Love you all, stay well.

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