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How Our Bodies Work

hastings red wing chiropractor

Yep, that is how the body works. Anything else you want to know??? LOL

Ok, so yes, every cell, tissue, organ and system in the body is controlled by the nervous system, what does that exactly mean?

Lets start with your brain, the most important part of our body. We can't live without a brain (ie. braindead) and our body put the most bone around it for protection too. The brain is where the messages are sent to the body and received from the body via the nerves. Now think about how many messages are being sent at any given second, its literally impossible to conceive, if every cell, tissue, organ and system is sending messages, the number is so big, we can't calculate it.

Lets just break it down a bit, starting with your face, sight, scents, hearing, feeling a breeze on your face, air leaving your nose, blinking, sensations of the wind blowing your hair, that itch you have on your ear, etc. Now those are just surface sensations, think about that cut your got shaving this morning, the body is healing it, clotting the blood, fighting any bacteria that got in, replacing any major blood loss, etc. What about the moisture your eyes make, nose and mouth, bacteria gets in and our body recognizes the threat and works to neutralize it without us even knowing.

Think about all the messages just for a second, muscles to move and breath, pressure sensations, organs monitoring and maintaining our health, heart, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, stomach and on and on. What about hormones, their levels are monitored constantly and balanced all the time by the nervous system. Cell repair, tissue repair, organ repair, muscle and hair growth, again, the list goes on and on.

So, lets look at how the body works in general to make things simpler to grasp. Say you cut your finger, messages travel up your arm via nerves to the spinal cord then the brain. The brain gets all the information about the cut and responds by sending messages back down the spinal cord to start the healing process, clotting blood, white blood cells to kill bacteria, enzymes and things to start the healing. Lets look at stomach, you eat food, stomach sends messages up to the brain via nerves, brain gets all the information and sends messages back down via nerves to digest and absorb needed nutrients. Again, enzymes, acids, bases, etc..

We all need a health nervous system to help our bodies work they way that are supposed to don't you think? What if there was interference to a nerve sending messages? Lets take a look at the above example of a cut on your finger for a second. So you cut your finger, but there was interference to the nerve at the spine, now the brain doesn't get all the information about the cut (how deep, how bad it is). The brain takes the information it got and sent messages back down to do the healing, only now the brain thinks you just scratched yourself (being it didn't get all the information), and you end up with a cut that doesn't clot very quickly, maybe gets infected because the brain didn't send white blood cells there, maybe it heals slow with an ugly scar... You see how this can affect your health?

Now, chiropractors deal with subluxations in the spine that can interfere with nerve messages. That is what we do, that is all we do. We adjust subluxations! Now when you look at a nerve, about 10% of the nerve carries PAIN fibers, the other 90% is all the other messages being sent to help maintain health. So in theory, you have a 10% chance of "FEELING" a subluxation, pain. The other 90% of the time, the messages that could be missed are about all the other functions our bodies monitor and maintain. Are you seeing where I am going here?

This is why regular chiropractic care is recommended at our office, many times there is a subluxation in your spine that you can't feel and don't know is there until enough time has gone by (and enough messages missed) and there is a different symptom.

Sorry for such a long post, but this is my core belief and the reason I do what I do. Unlimited Chiropractic was created to provide affordable regular chiropractic to everyone. Make sure to read and re-read this post, so you know and understand why you are getting checked and adjusted regularly. And share with your friends and family so we can help more people live.

Sorry this is such a long post, but this is my core

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