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Time Takes its Toll

I am over 40 now, when I young, I was indestructible, literally. There were several instances where I should have been broken beyond repair. But i survived..

Now being almost 2 quarters of a century old, I realize that my hourglass can't be reset, turned over again or slowed down. Neither can yours.......

Chiropractic, like at Unlimited Chiropractic of Hastings and Red Wing, can help improve the function and performance of our bodies, so we can heal better, work better and barring a tragedy live longer. Regular chiropractic care allows our bodies to communicate more effectively with the brain. Our brain receives information from our nerves about what our bodies are doing. If we eat food, our nerves tell the brain our stomach is stretched, the brain replies with impulses that start the digestion process, start moving food through our bodies, etc. This works with every system of the body the same way, what information the brain gets, it responds too. Now if a nerve is pinched by a spinal bone, the brain doesn't get all the information needed to respond properly. Think of a garden hose watering a tree. If we put our picnic table on the hose, less water will reach the tree. Sure the tree may live, but it will never grow to its full potential due to lack of water.

Our bodies work the same way. They will do everything to survive, but to thrive, they need all the information to get to the brain and back down. Look around you everyday, you will see people who are sick, congested, literally ill. Not everyone, but those one or two people you see all the time sick. Their immune systems aren't working as well as yours or those who don't get sick often.

Now, having a bone putting pressure on a nerve doesn't cause pain in most cases, it just stops some information from getting to the brain, after time, this will eventually cause a "symptom or problem", but it will generally take time. Regular chiropractic care can help prevent that symptom or problem by restoring the flow of information to the brain and back so your body can work at its best.

I am sorry to ramble on about this, but its the way the body works, its the TRUTH if you can understand that... Regular chiropractic care is needed to constantly check and remove any interference that is caused.

At Unlimited Chiropractic Hastings and Red Wing, we developed a way to make it affordable, convenient and easy. A membership includes up to 8 visits a month, no appointments, no hidden fee's, no contracts and is just $59/mo. Your first visit is $20 to try us out (that $20 is then donated to a local non-profit each month). Stop in and check us out, see for yourself how much better you function after just 30 days of care.

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