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Why Choose Us?

hastings chiropractor

At Unlimited Chiropractic Hastings and Red Wing we provide simple, affordable and quality chiropractic for everyone. So, Why choose us? Heck, why do we need chiropractic in the first place?

Lets make this simple, pretend your spine was on your face. People would be able to see your spine, any misalignments, any degeneration, any problems right? Would you want the best possible spine then? Listen, chiropractic isn't about pain control, it isn't even about changing your posture, its only purpose is to find and remove nerve interference caused by the spine.

Our nervous systems control every aspect of our being, when they are working without interference, our bodies thrive. When there is nerve interference, depending on where it is, our bodies aren't working properly. Sometimes its pain, but most of the time its "something else". What if the nerve that controls your stomach gets irritated. Your stomach still works, but not quite right. Maybe its diarrhea, maybe constipation, maybe you don't notice whats wrong (maybe your stomach isn't secreting enough acid, too much acid).

Over time, can you see how this can develop into something much more severe? Your nervous system controls every aspect of you, immune response (ever know someone who gets sick all the time), coordination, muscle control, circulatory system, digestion, etc.

Our job at Unlimited Chiropractic Hastings and Red Wing is to find and remove any nerve interference caused by the spine. That's it, our job as chiropractors is to make sure your nervous system works better, so you in turn work better.

So, what we created was the Unlimited Chiropractic Club, no appointments, no hidden charges, just straight forward, quality chiropractic for $49 a month. We want our members checked (and adjusted if needed), 3-5 times a month, more for some, less of others. Our first visit is $10 so you can meet us, try us out and see why we are becoming the premier choice for chiropractic in hastings mn and red wing and the SE metro.

Please share this with your friends and family.

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