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5 Reasons To Join Our Club

1. Convenience – Most Membership Practices operate on a “walk-in” basis. Because you don’t need an appointment, you work your visits to the chiropractor into YOUR schedule instead of working your schedule around your appointment. Our job is to simplify your life and help you de-stress NOT to further complicate it.

2. Simple Fees – One of the key features of a Membership Practice is predictable fees. Most Membership Practices offer unlimited visits at a fixed fee, making the cost of regular chiropractic care predictable and affordable. Simpler fees make third party reimbursement unnecessary, even obsolete.

3. Privacy Rights -Because insurance is not involved in a Membership Practice, you never need to worry about your information being reported to an insurance clearing house. Many people have experienced problems with information reported to agencies like the credit bureau or Medical Information Bureau.

4. More and Better Service – Because the focus is on YOU and not your insurance company, you get exactly what you need and exactly what a chiropractor is REALLY trained to offer, the chiropractic adjustment. Your time is not wasted on treatments or therapies that may not be needed but MAY BE covered by insurance. Because the membership chiropractor’s focus IS the adjustment, you tend to get better adjustments AND you get in and out quicker, saving you time and money.

5. No Conflicts of Interest – Because your relationship is with the chiropractor and the chiropractor’s relationship is SOLELY with you AND because what you pay your chiropractor is FIXED, you never have to wonder if his/her recommendations are for YOUR benefit OR their student loan or new car payment. You KNOW that their recommendation is based on YOUR need and NOT their need.

A chiropractor that has chosen to offer a Membership Practice, has done so in order to help more people by providing JUST chiropractic care at an affordable price and in a manner that makes your life simpler and more powerful.

So help spread the word, lets make Unlimited Chiropractic Hastings and Red Wing the premier choice for chiropractic in the SE metro.

By Linden Pfeiffer DC

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