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Welcome to our New Site

Our new site is now live and we will be moving everything over in bits and pieces so stay tuned and make sure to like our post and share. We wanted a simple website that can be shared with friends and family, a site that shows why we are becoming the premier choice for chiropractic in the SE metro area and beyond.

Our office is unique in that we provide a stress free experience with no concerns for cost, time or talent. With no appointments and virtually no waiting, our office is great for everyone. We have a set low monthly fee that allows members to utilize our services up to 8 times a month if needed. Weekly routine checks are the goal for our members, once we are part of your routine, life is even easier.

Linden Pfeiffer, DC has been practicing for over 20 years, has helped literally 1000's of people improve their lives and has extensive experience in pediatrics, athletics, pregnancy and much more. With hands on and instrument adjusting techniques, everyone can feel safe and secure with their adjustments.

Welcome to our new site and be sure and share it with everyone you want to see healthy and happy.

Linden Pfeiffer, DC

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