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Chiropractic is still around.

hastings chiropractor

I have been reading up on all kinds of research the past few weeks and wanted to share some interesting things that are happening with the science of the brain and health.

Neuroplasticity research is expanding with technologies that can image and read the brain better than before. Norman Doidge, MD is a doctor leading some of this research. He has found that the brain NEEDS so much information each and every second to continue to grow and change. He states "As people become immobile, they see less, hear less and process less new information and their brains begin to atrophy." That tells us that motion is so important to brain development and health. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize winner for Brain Research states, "90% of stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine." This is so important and can explain WHY chiropractic is thriving in today's society.

A quick look at the brain and how things work as we know them so far. Your brain receives 40 times more information than it sends, the information going to the brain includes messages from every cell, tissue and organ in the body, plus mechanoreceptors which constantly send messages to the brain on where everything about us is in space. Mechanoreceptors are everywhere in us, and they are 80 times more dense in your upper cervical spine. This is probably a HUGE reason so many people respond so well to chiropractic care for their health.

The second major thing to talk about is your bodies Stress Response. When your body is under stress, it has only one response and that is the STRESS Response. We have all experienced this to some degree in our lives, its that adrenaline rush you get when you are frightened. All kinds of things happen during the stress response, heart rate increase, breathing increase, constriction of blood vessels to certain areas, dilation of blood vessels to muscles, increase clotting factors in your blood, slowed digestion, among others. Now, this response occurs with every stressful event, just to a different degree. So, physical, chemical and emotional stressors cause this response to happen in our bodies. There are studies that show people who have no physical complaints (pain), but have joint motion restrictions (subluxations) when that is corrected (adjusted), their cortical levels drop which indicates decrease in the bodies Stress Response.

Chiropractic has been around since 1895 when the first Adjustment was given. As they learned more about this new profession, the next 70+ years chiropractors adjusted people for the sole purpose of removing any interference in their nervous system caused by the spine to IMPROVE that persons function and in turn their health. Miracles happened all the time back then, because the chiropractors were only doing chiropractic adjustments to remove any interference caused by the spine to the nervous system, they didn't treat headaches, back pain or any condition, they only worked to improve the brain body connection so the body could then heal the person itself.

Now in 2018, the amount of physical, chemical and emotional stressors are unfortunately everywhere. Cell phones have put physical stress on our necks, sitting all day = physical stress, additives to food and drinks = chemical stress, emotional stress is so high in our youth and most of us, and so on and so on. So, if you don't understand what I have written above, in plain terms is WE ARE ALL CONSTANTLY UNDER STRESS. Which means our bodies are constantly in the STRESS Response to one degree or another. That can cause some serious health related problems over time.

Unlimited Chiropractic of Hastings and Red Wing was created to provide affordable REGULAR chiropractic care to help reduce the amounts of stress our bodies encounter. Weekly check ups to correct any subluxations that may exist and to allow your brain/body to work at its best level for better health. So please share and pass this post along to friends and family who may want regular chiropractic with us.

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